Welcome to Air link Airlines

Air Link focuses on providing the highest level of service through charter operations all over Australia with this level of service extending to the aircraft engineering and maintenance services within the company. 

Specialising in:

  • RPT Services
  • Passenger Charter
  • Mining Fly-In Fly-Out
  • Emergency Services                                    
  • Scenic Flights
  • Aerial Photography
  • Fire Spotting
  • Freight
  • Aircraft Maintenance


Charter for Business

Air Link has an enviable reputation for high quality aircraft charter services. Major contract charter services have been conducted for Government Departments, Mining Companies and Rural Industry.  Aerial spotting activities are also available including bushfire surveillance and emergency searches

Charter for Leisure

Passenger charter services can be a much more convenient and cost effective alternative to airline services or land travel. A trip direct from your departure point to your destination can save time and money. It can save on hidden costs such as accommodation and taxi fares.