Airlink Airlines

Air Charter for Leisure

Passenger charter services can be a much more convenient and cost effective alternative to airline services or land travel. A trip direct from your departure point to your destination can save time and money. It can save on hidden costs such as accommodation and taxi fares. With charter, you call the shots in terms of timing. And you also have the flexibility of having an aircraft and crew at your disposal - subject, of course, to operational limitations.

Air Link has undertaken aircraft charter services since 1971. We have flown passengers all over Australia including exotic places like Kakadu National Park, Lord Howe Island and Tasmania. We are also able to conduct tours to say Louth for the races or over Lake Eyre for a scenic view. All of this in the comfort of your own aircraft and with a pilot who doubles as the porter!


Hi David,
We would like to thank you and Ned very much for a fantastic trip.  The piloting and guidance by Ned was great, and we would fly with him on any future flight.  The plane was reliable and comfortable, the views over the channel country and the Lakes were breathtaking and we came away with many fond memories.