Management Team

Management Team


Mark Wardrop

CEO, Director and Shareholder

Mark has more than 25 years of aeronautical business experience starting out initially in the tourism sector before moving into aviation. Equipped with a Commercial Pilots Licence, he was nominated Responsible Manager with Civil Aviation Safety Authority. He is also

An Angel Flight Australia volunteer pilot during his spare time.

Mark was a founding investor in AirMed Australia in 2012 and currently holds a board position.

In 2015 Mark was one of the investors to purchase Chartair in the Northern Territory and also holds a board position in this company. Chartair has been operating in the Northern Territory since 1974 and holds a number of long term State and Federal Government contracts.


Matthew Kline

CEO, Director and Shareholder
Certified CEO

Matthew has more than 25 years’ experience developing and implementing successful business management solutions.

Matthew’s business experience began in the Events and Audio Visual Projects industry, growing his organisation to eight managers and over forty staff, providing production to Sydney’s key corporate events and fitting out Sydney’s landmark venues.

Matthew’s aviation industry involvement includes Chartair, the Northern Territory base aviation business with over 40 aircraft and many long-term Government contracts. Chartair has been in operation since 1974 and is one of the largest General Aviation businesses in Australia.


Ron O’Brien

General Manager

Ron has extensive experience in the aviation industry having overseen RPT and charter organisations in the past. The Dubbo based GM will additionally be responsible for business development.


Andrew Fry

Chief Pilot

With a Bachelor of Aviation, Andrew’s vast background in the industry spans decades. He holds an Airline Transport Pilots Licence and is the Head of Air Operations of AirMed Australia, Air Link’s sister company. He is also a Grade II Flight Instructor, imparting his knowledge to budding pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Kim Harris

Safety and Quality Manager

As the Safety and Quality Manager, Kim manages overall safety within the organisation. She is in charge of developing safety, security, company and training documentation. She communicates with aviation authorities on safety matters and ensures new operations meet CASA requirements.


John Greenhill

Chief Engineer