Aeromedical Flights

Transport patients to the next medical facility accompanied by specially trained nurses. Air Link is ready to be of service.

When transporting patients, delays are not an option. They throw a wrench in your day-to-day operations and destroy your carefully curated schedule.

Remove those delays with Air Link’s aeromedical flights. Aboard CASA-certified planes, patients will get to their destinations as fast as possible. You can request that medical staff who’ve been trained for aeromedical flights go with them. With our help, you resolve two major concerns in one fell swoop.

Air Link has flown many aeromedical flights since 1971. We’ve partnered with West Aboriginal Health and the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Utilise our vast aviation knowledge to get your patients where they need to be. On time and with specialised medical care.

Choose an air charter provider who’s worked with medical facilities for almost 50 years.